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In the foyer, Ivan Rizov's mural defines the ceiling and Guillaume Seignac's "The Muse" pairs with a console.

Steven M. Hefner

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"Once you step inside, you feel as though you are floating in the clouds," Hefner says.

To enter, an elevator opens on the 17th floor to a circular foyer and bar area. Across from the ele- vator is the living room, where a magnificent ocean view greets the eye. Working with a palette of ivory and soft yellow hues, the designers placed traditional furnishings in intimate groupings.

"We entertain a great deal, and wanted our guests to feel comfortable and relaxed in surroundings that have an Old World feel," Sally says.

In the foyer, a mural reminiscent of a Michelangelo masterpiece defines the dome ceiling. An intricately scrolled railing echoes the shape of the dome, creating a balcony that overlooks the lower level. Descending the stairway takes one to the home theater and bedrooms. The adjoining bar area also looks out to the water. English-style barstools covered in cut velvet line the curved mahogany bar.

An archway off the bar area marks the entry to the dining room, which includes a formal area and a dining niche that Ames dubs "the little jewel in the house." Tiebacks frame the cozy niche, where a banquette and chairs surround a rectangular pedestal table. continued...

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