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Things in life often come full circle — interior design included. Styles can emerge from various sources, but many choose to look to the past for inspiration. Trends from the 1920s to the ‘60s are now reappearing in a new way.
Starting with the 1920s, one couple looked to the Golden Age of Hollywood when designing a 10,000-square-foot Mediterranean estate in Beverly Hills, Calif., that was built in 1926. Interior designer Monique Lafia took the home’s historic past from its famous former owners, including Cary Grant and Marlene Dietrich, to fashion timeless glamour using the home’s original light fixtures and adding luxurious fabrics, wrought iron and a mix of old and new for a fresh look that exudes Old Hollywood grandeur.
Fast-forwarding to the 1940s, interior designer Toby Zack joined with architect and owner Robert Swedroe for a renovation to

The home’s good bones were a key asset in the design. The team kept the original pool and stairway railings in place, adding new details to bring them into the present. With minimalist decor and an airy spaciousness, this home blends the designs of the past with the styles of today.
In Miami Beach, designer Serge De Troyer fashioned his own home with a 1960s vintage feel. He took his 1,650-square-foot condominium and incorporated neutral colors that would allow his collection of ‘60s pop art to shine. Classic retro furniture and shag area rugs complete the home’s mid-century theme.
From past to present, styles vary; but to a homeowner, it is all about personal taste. Whatever design you choose, look to this issue for inspirations throughout the decades.

Barbara Lichtenstein