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A brand new home may be enticing, but there is something to be said about historical worth. As in the following stories, a home’s past defines its character and radiates with the essence of its owners.

On the cover, a spacious estate on Florida’s Captiva Island tells the story of its owners, who, after vacationing on the island for 25 years, fell in love with its natural beauty, drawing them there to live permanently. Interior designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, along with architects Randall Stofft and John Cooney, captured the hues of the ocean with bright shades, bold patterns and a sense of the tropics for a modernized island retreat.

Architect and homeowner Henry C. Alexander Jr. designed his own home in Coconut Grove, Fla., and the design stands strong a quarter of a century later. An open floor plan allows natural light to flow through glass doors and windows, that along with the home’s terraces, blend the interiors with the outdoors. Dramatic angles and curved lines combine with the homeowners’ art and collectibles to offer a simple yet timeless design.

For architectural and interior designer Billy J. Fabec, the perfect kitchen had been designed in his head for over 20 years. Fabec was finally able to implement this plan into his own contemporary residence in Naples, Fla. The space, which features custom cabinetry hidden behind pocket doors and a unique island that works for both the kitchen and dining area, functions well for entertaining and speaks to the rest of the home.

Whether looking to bygone days for inspiration, keeping with an original style, or designing a new interior from one’s existing thoughts, a home with history tells the story of its past while creating a future for the owners.

Barbara Lichtenstein