Florida Design Magazine Vol. 18, No.2 Page 1
An Interior Designer And Her Husband Collaborate On A Total Makeover That
Imbues New Life And Beauty Into Their Longtime Residence In Winter Park

Replacing the home’s windows and exterior doors, with the exception of the entrance double doors custom designed by interior designer and homeowner Betsy Godfrey, gives the image of a new house.


Just as a good marriage endures the test of time, a house with good bones withstands updates to suit the inevitable lifestyle changes that occur over the years. Such was the case with owners Betsy Godfrey, an award-winning interior designer, and husband Murray Brooks who, after living in their home for almost two decades, determined it was long overdue for a change.

The impetus for change was a desire for a ground-floor master suite. “At the time, we also owned a condominium in Naples, Fla., and a house in Aspen, Colo., plus Betsy was traveling a lot for work,” Brooks says. “It seemed we were constantly hauling suitcases up and down the steps, and we began thinking how much more convenient it would be to have our bedroom downstairs.”