Florida Design Magazine Vol. 18, No.2 Page 1
Simplicity And Light Combine Within A Home That Stands The Test Of Time

Geometric lines dominate the exterior of the home with dramatic angles found in terraces, glass doors and clerestories. Natural light flows into the interior, right, where curved walls soften the sharp angles.


As sites go, 50 feet wide by 90 feet deep may be considered small for a custom-designed home. Yet that was the size of the locale that Miami architect Henry C. Alexander Jr. and his wife, Karen, purchased for their dream house. The fact that the site lay just 500 feet from the broad expanse of beautiful Biscayne Bay on one of Coconut Grove’s secluded, heavily foliated, archetypal streets made designing for the lot well worth the challenge.

“A lot of the home is the product of the size of the lot, its location and where it was relative to the flood plane,” says Henry, who is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Indeed, with the street only a few feet above flood level, the living area had to originate at 12 feet above the ground. What emanated was an architecturally significant three-level, 2,000-square-foot, steel-columned home sheathed in tongue-and-groove cypress whose shape Henry says is the geometry of both a square and a circle.