Publisher's Message


Florida Design’s family of magazines, now numbering 14 titles, has sold a record number of pages this fall in spite of a challenging economy.

In fact, our editorial-based magazines had more than a 20 percent increase from a year ago, representing the most amount of ad pages in our company history during this time period. (These figures do not include our annual guide books.)

The reason for our growth is that we have been aggressive in the current economy and added titles to satisfy the different needs of our clients and readers.

And our efforts are working. Our existing accounts have gotten major business as a result of appearing in our publications. Nasrallah Fine Architectural Design in Winter Park, Fla., received two projects that stand out in particular — one in a $15 million estate and another job in a 30,000-square-foot home. And b+g design, inc. in Hollywood, Fla., received responses from its first ad on the first day it hit newsstands, which led to four large commissions.

Florida Design and Miami Home & Decor have an international reach, while our Palm Beach, Naples and Orlando home and decor magazines hone in on their respective markets. Our newest additions, Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle & Decor and Palm Beach The Island, focus on the luxury lifestyles of their namesake destinations, as well.
Florida Design is very confident in the long-term growth of Florida and is preparing to meet the next economic boom.

Jeff Lichtenstein, Publisher