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  Issue 20-4

A Contemporary Condominium Provides For One British Gentleman A Coloful Environment For Entertaining Friends


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Jennifer Corredor, J Design Group, Inc., Coral Gables, FL


Tamara Moscowitz

Daniel Newcomb, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Interior designer Jennifer Corredor designs from natural instincts, demonstrating an uncanny knack to synthesize ideas to align perfectly with her clients — an attribute that made her collaboration with homeowner Steve Leibowitz, a transplanted West Coast resident (via South Africa and England) who desired an explosion of color, a solid match. For the Jamaican-born designer, this request was a spontaneous inclination.

The 2,900-square-foot condominium, featuring two bedrooms high up in one of Williams Island’s luxurious towers in Aventura, Fla., is an open expanse of modern-style furnishings, contemporary textures, innovative lighting and an array of color that fulfills one of Leibowitz’s chief requirements “to have a club-like environment to entertain friends,” he says.

A dash of red and an etched-glass window surprise guests in the kitchen and reflect the unexpected in this open and accessible space.

Corredor started by remodeling the home, demolishing floors and installing a new wall. As inspiration, the designer was partly guided by the oddly angled floor-to-ceiling windows that blur the division between inside and out. “It opens up the space even more, creating a blank slate that allowed many design options,” Corredor says. Working predominantly with white, orange and splashes of red, the designer incorporated other hues as well, including tones of black and lime green for a stark contrast.

“Mixing shapes, materials and patterns in bold colors simulates a lively club atmosphere and gives an out-of-the-box look,” interior designer Jennifer Corredor says.

To delineate the entrance, a traditional crystal chandelier wrapped in a thin veil of sheer, black fabric illuminates the limestone flooring. Corredor reverses light and dark in the foyer, as beige floors change to gray. A white, pear-shaped light fixture further demonstrates the contrasting, dual-tone theme.

In the adjacent dining area, a contoured wall with a layer of hand-matched, white-glass pebbles adds a hint of rich texture to the space. A lime green-painted glass wall in the nearby living area is a welcome surprise from the white and black dominating the dining area.

Shapes abound in the living area, where a wave-patterned rug picks up the curves of the kitchen’s fiberglass and steel barstools. Nestled in the breakfast area are lighter, more playful versions of the dining chairs. Just outside, a single pop of red dominates the terrace in a hanging Lucite bubble chair.

Recurring shapes and colors are used to good effect in the master bedroom, where white, orange and red reign supreme. A low mahogany platform bed offers a full view of the water and blends in with the warm-brown, woven area rug.

Corredor consulted with the owner each step of the way, but in the end, “the designer knows best,” remarks Leibowitz. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

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Entrance doors - Custom designed and fabricated by Miami Wall Unit Group, Hialeah, FL
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Dining Area
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Dining table and chairs, and vase on table - Luminaire, Coral Gables, FL
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Living Area
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Window wall fabricated by Etched Glass By Able, Pompano Beach, FL
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Breakfast Area
Painted wall fabricated by Turcio Brothers, Inc., Miami, FL
Dining table and entertainment cabinet - Décor, Miami, FL
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Light fixture - Farrey’s Wholesale Hardware Co., Inc., North Miami, FL
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Hanging chair - Décor, Miami, FL
Flooring - Universal Stone, Inc., Miami, FL
Fabricated by Quality Stone by Martile, Inc., Miami, FL
Master Bedroom
Bed, bedside tables and lounge chair - Luminaire, Coral Gables, FL
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Millwork and molding - Miami Wall Unit Group, Hialeah, FL
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Plumbing work - Miami Shores Plumbing, Miami, FL
Florals - Maria Sidewalk Flowers, Miami, FL
Limestone flooring - Opustone, Miami, FL
Fabricated by Quality Stone by Martile, Inc., Miami, FL


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