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Elegant, But Contemporary; Feminine, But Strongly Designed; And In A Crisp Palette Of Platinum And White
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Interior Designer Lorraine Rogers-Bolton and her clients Andrea and Ken Brodlieb climbed onto the top of a SUV three years ago to survey the panoramic views from the then-empty, one-acre lot: a lake front and back with a golf course and an embrace of natural landscaping. It was perfect. Now, the 7,700-square-foot retreat brings an eclectic mix of a European villa and the relaxed Florida lifestyle together in a home they love. "My goal was to assure them that the view from their master bedroom and bath was perfect," Rogers-Bolton says. "We analyzed every angle, view and exposure to create the ideal environment for them."

Rogers-Bolton has worked on several homes for the couple — four to be exact — and she has interpreted the look they strive for every time. Owner Andrea Brodlieb can't decide if it's the sun, the view, the loggia or perhaps it's the elegant dressing area that makes her love the home she shares with her husband and their three active Yorkies at the Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, but love it she does. "Our home in Millneck, N.Y., which Lorraine and her team designed for us five years ago, is wonderful of course, but this one truly feels like home."

With a relationship that has blossomed over the past 10 years, Rogers-Bolton knows exactly how to interpret what these clients desire. "I wanted a 'Gatsby' look for the back lawn," the wife says. "Open, not over planted, a place for people to play." And for the rest of the house, the designer had no problem communicating the Brodliebs' ideas and thoughts to her team of experts to create the couple's dream home. "When they handed me a photograph of a lovely crystal candelabra resting on a sleek, contemporary wood console table … I understood their love for elegance and the unexpected."

"I wanted my home to be a bit like me … I'm comfortable in gym clothes all day, but can happily slip into Escada too," Brodlieb says. "This house reflects that same flexibility — a place to cook and relax or a place to elegantly entertain."

Rogers-Bolton brought the concept to life in the formal living room with a triple step ceiling and elaborate, dentil molding that plays against flooring in rusticated stone — establishing a delicate balance between haute design and simplicity. A detailed, antique French, mirrored screen and a European carved-wood chaise whisper across the room to a clean-lined, silk-weave sofa and a welcoming painted-wood, high-back chair. Due to the luminosity of the interior palette, this space can carry large pieces such as the oversized bronze and silver leafed cocktail table and the dark-wood grand piano. Along with the sparkle of candleholders, crystal lamps and mirroring, metallic touches keep the living room and the nearby dining room light.

Off the foyer at the front of the house, where a wrought iron balustrade gracefully glides to the second floor, runs the grand hall. Not content to be a runway to the living room, the hall's Neoclassic motifs are seen in gilded pedestals from the Speer Collection and marbled patterns in the floor. "Here, we had a chance to add a whimsical surprise with the bold Corinthian columns," Rogers-Bolton says.

Following the owners' request for modern and elegant, the designer played a Lucite table from William Switzer against a sophisticated, handmade area rug in the family room, where the weathered finish on Rogers Design Group's custom entertainment unit blends seamlessly into the wall.

Columns reappear between the breakfast and family rooms, this time commissioned in ebony from India. Still playing with juxtaposition, the designer mixes a cream-leather, rolled-arm sofa by Baker Knapp & Tubbs with a custom-designed, chenille-fringed chaise. A unique cocktail table by Hickory Chair nestles a built-in, ebony serving tray within its cushioned top. The ebony of the coffered ceiling's grid and the columns' thrust unite the spaces with linear strokes.

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