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Clean-Lined Furnishings And An Understated Palette Complement The Classically Modern Form Of An Eco-Friendly Home In Sarasota
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An elevated terrace with a geometric pool and carefully coiffed greenery rises to welcome home one Sarasota family with open arms and an energy-efficient mind.

Understated architecture and clean-lined furnishings answer to the owners' penchant for a modern-minimalist approach. A warm palette and open layout make entertaining a must-do for this home, where architecture and design marry water and sky. "The concept was to separate the family's needs for privacy and entertaining using architectural elements while tying the design together with light, form and repetition," architect and designer Jonathan Parks says. "The floor plan reflects these considerations with a distinct delineation between the public and private areas."

Modern decor across the 3,200-square-foot home accentuates the family's proclivity for minimalism. Warm, bright colors meet stark lines and natural textures mingle with manmade materials to provide a luxurious visual and tactile experience. Unencumbered doorways, glass doors, vistas down long corridors and wide sidelights grant unlimited sunshine. The windows, along with the home's orientation, provide ample natural ventilation for maximum energy efficiency. "The pool and the inside spaces really do merge together," Parks says. "I don't think I've ever been to the house when these doors weren't pulled back. They're always used by the owners for that flow inside and out."

Guests enter the home at the intersection of the private and public wings, and are led to the kitchen and entertainment area, which combine to form one large, cohesive great room. Just as the outdoor landscaping lulls the severity of the bridal white modern architecture, interior walls wrapped in lemon and butter-yellow hues warmly complement sleek, minimalist furniture and linear compositions. Ceilings soar 16 feet high, amplifying the home's size with a vertical depth that accentuates its openness.

Emphasizing the L-shaped structure, the kitchen bends in two — cleanup takes place in the galley section, while food is prepped and cocktails are mixed beside the entertainment area. "The kitchen and living environments are connected basically without any walls because everyone wants to be in the kitchen anyway," Parks says. "We decided to make it a space that was stretched to include everybody." When the owners are in the kitchen, they feel like they're outside since the adjacent entertainment area opens to the outdoors.

Light slate-gray flooring unites all the spaces into one cohesive look and grounds a conversation grouping in the entertainment area. Modern seating by design greats Eileen Grey and Arne Jacobsen allow for flexibility when entertaining and take advantage of the views of the pool area and terrace, where the family can gather for dining alfresco around a table by Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen.

At night, the pool and spa peacefully reflect starry skies, architecture and buttery light that radiates from the home. By day, the family relaxes amid gentle breezes that provide natural air conditioning out on the terrace, reveling in the sun shaded by large overhangs and savoring the sight and scent of jasmine in bloom.

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Jonathan Parks with Punit Patel, Hannah Walsworth and Christopher McConnell, Jonathan Parks Architect, Sarasota, FL

Courtesy of Jonathan Parks Architect, Sarasota, FL

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