Abstract Art / Atsuko Okamoto

Palm Beach County, FL



Atsuko envisions a new “architecture of the imagination” in which diverse geometric elements are united within a holistic visual universe. Each painting creates a delicate balance, dynamic tension and integration of geometric forms that resonate energy through bold, evocative colors.

“Okamoto’s vivid sensations of elements in movement and their suspension in space speak directly to our imagination. Her paintings transport the viewer to a captivating pictorial universe where beauty and harmony reign,” said noted New York art critic Ronny Cohen.

Paintings and serigraphs by Atsuko have won numerous awards in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Exhibits include the Warhol Foundation’s IPCNY Gallery in New York City, Galerié Visconti, Paris, Yoseido Gallery and Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo, among others.

Corporate and private collectors worldwide have embraced Atsuko’s stimulating geometric abstract art. Her work has garnered features by the Tampa Bay Times, Studio Visit Magazine, New Jersey Star-Ledger as well as Japanese networks Fuji Television and TV Asahi.


Abstract Art / Atsuko Okamoto

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