Affiniti Architects

Boca Raton, FL


As the name Affiniti implies, the Boca Raton-based architectural firm focuses on people working together toward a common goal: exceptional homes that enhance their clients’ lifestyles and quality of life. Mitch Kunik, AIA, established Affiniti in 1993 when he recognized a lack of expertise in residential architecture. Three partners followed Ronald Rickert II, AIA, Brian J. Collins, AIA, and Benjamin Schreier, AIA and the four architects have collaborated for many years. Affiniti is intentionally an intimately sized company, and partners are involved on every project. One takes the lead yet the input from other partners becomes invaluable; in an open studio environment, that happens naturally.
The architects of Affiniti prefer not to compartmentalize their process, and that extends to the talented specialists with whom they join forces: interior designers, landscape architects and builders. Affiniti and these professionals begin the process together, ensuring the total integration and continuity of all elements, striving for a superior level of design regardless of architectural style. Architectural diversity is the driving force of their philosophy. Exploring each style for scale, detail, massing and combining those elements with an enhanced concept for the site is something about which the team at Affiniti is truly passionate.


Affiniti Architects

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