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About Atelier Art
Atelier Art is the studio of contemporary artist Paulette Marie Sauve.
Ancient built structures observed on Paulette’ s extensive travels throughout Europe and the Middle East have induced her to contemplate archeology, mysticism and the ruins of ancient cultures. Her paintings convey an elusive image within a sort of narrative that
invokes antiquity, memory and the passage of time. She deconstructs architecture, as if
allowing artifacts to emerge from the deep.
In addition to painting, Sauvé weaves tapestry using the techniques of “Les Gobelins”, developed in the 17th century by the Gobelins factory in France.
Sauvé also embeds woven fabric in the backgrounds of her paintings, recalling her fascination with history and preindustrial artistic production.
Paulette Sauvé received a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Quebec.

"My recent work in oil and mixed media on canvas explores the patina and rustic quality of antiques." The photos shown here are details of large paintings that vary in sizes. Some of them are 60 inches high by 36 inches wide, some are 72 inches high by 96 inches wide. There are also medium sized and smaller paintings. Custom orders are welcomed.
Contact the artist either by
or, by telephone (Canadian phone number):514-824-3191
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Atelier Art

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