Cornelio Cappellini



Cornelio Cappellini is a family-owned company located in northern Italy, near the wonderful Como lake. The company bears the name of its founder Mr. Cornelio Cappellini, the honorary president, who passed the management of the society to his sons Franco and Claudio and his daughter Lucia. Since the middle of last century Cornelio Cappellini specialized in the furniture production adopting engineering methods and finishing techniques belonging to the Italian furniture industry handed down from generation to generation. A path of tradition combined to innovation that brought to a passionate commitment to quality, a significant mixture that is keeping on the research of excellence still nowadays.
At the beginning of the new millennium the company realized the great development in the market’s demand along with changes in lifestyle and moved towards a new collection named “Cornelio Cappellini luxury chic”. The new products were designed with a strong glamour accent emphasized through an increasing use of crystals, precious metals, beautiful fabrics and leathers. Only at the beginning of 2010 Cornelio Cappellini presented the new luxury furniture collection under the name “haute couture of interiors”. Lacquer painting with pearly colours and the ever increasing use of Murano glass found its best performance, while precious coverings anticipated the new Italian fashion collections.


Cornelio Cappellini

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