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Moscow, RUSSIA



Daria Bagrintseva is a professional painter and also a sensitive graphic
designer, an observant and distinctive photographer, and a capable interior
designer who creates colorful and functional spaces.. Daria graduated from
one of two major Russian art academies named by Stroganov. She says, "In my
further art activity upon the graduation, I have deliberately refused to
follow many principles that we were taught at the Academy. Having a
professional background that crosses over many diciplines allows me to play
with forms, colors and composition, to go beyond the rules and deliberately
allow incorrectness. Paradoxically, the resulting painting turns out to be
more "correct", if that is a right word to use here".

Daria's international activity continues to grow year after year. In 2011,
her works were exhibited in several countries, including the USA, France,
Spain, Italy, India, Sweden, and Bulgaria.
Although Daria has invitations from galleries in London, Paris and Mumbai
for the year 2012, she has her sights set clearly on establishing gallery
partners in the US.

A brief list of Daria's themes include: Nude / Erotic, Wildlife, Florals &
Botanicals, Landscapes, Cityscapes and Abstract art. She paints primarily
with acrylic on canvas.


Dariart Gallery

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