DUAIV Artist

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Accomplished in both classical music and fine art, DUAIV embeds the essence of creative inspiration in his world-renowned paintings, commissioned murals, and live performances.
With the world as his canvas, DUAIV’s work is a contemporary representation of Impressionism at its height.
DUAIV was born in 1952 in the maritime region of France near the city of Bordeaux. DUAIV was raised in an artistic environment—his mother was a classical pianist and his father was a sculptor.
When DUAIV was just 3 years old he picked up his first paintbrush, but to the dismay of his parents, the walls of his home became his first canvas. By the time he was 9, DUAIV completed his first oil painting.
Although he demonstrated talent for painting at a young age, his father didn’t want him to become an artist. Instead of art supplies, he bought him a cello.


DUAIV Artist

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