First Impressions Theme Theatre

Miami, FL


First Impressions Theme Theatres is a registered NCARB licensed architectural and certified interior design firm with over 35 years experience engineering, building, shipping and installing private cinema interiors worldwide. Its expertise takes a design idea from sketches to a finished operable theatre with private cinema acoustics, psychoacoustics, noise and vibration control, ergonomics, construction, electrical, lighting design, HVAC systems, furniture design, local and national building codes, life safety issues and hard costs all considered in the final undertaking.

The company strives to incorporate the "WOW" factor into every element of each personal cinema it created. FITT is a vertical end-to-end solution for custom digital entertainment environments. It manufactures whatever is needed in-house to build superlative custom theaters from millwork to moldings, stages, risers, drapes, CineBars™, entrance marquees, custom CineLounger® theater seating, poster cases, entrance doors with biometric thumbprint access, constellation filled fiber-optic Starlite® Ceiling Systems and much, much more. The award winning company has built opulent dedicated home theatres globally for captains of industry, sports celebrities, Hollywood personalities and have been published extensively with its work featured on television and in motion pictures as well.


First Impressions Theme Theatre

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