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Ormond Beach, FL


Our team at Fusion Fitness Designs has created the most innovative, aesthetically superior and functional line of strength training equipment in the world. We are designed, manufactured and assembled proudly in the USA.

Our complete product line, called the Skyline is comfortable, easy to use, looks amazing in your space and makes people say “Wow” when they see it! Our designs are a radical departure from what has been available for your fitness area.

Fusion Fitness Designs will customize your color combinations and finishes to meet any project you may have including home, office, commercial, condo or marine. For special applications we can also custom design products specific to your needs. Our line of handcrafted steel furniture can complete your room or project with the ultimate in style and design.

Our selection of the highest quality components including aluminum and stainless steel throughout our designs makes Fusion equipment superior and a better investment.

Each unit is handcrafted to your exacting specifications allowing the Skyline a precision only matched in the aerospace industry.

Take a moment to watch our video at or request a brochure. Join us on Facebook for our latest projects and updates about the Skyline by Fusion Fitness Designs.


Fusion Fitness Designs

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