Magnificent Aquariums

Boca Raton, FL


An aquarium is a window to a world few of us earthbound beings will ever experience. Its a peaceful environment filled with wonders beyond our imagination – bright colors, strange creatures and a rhythm unique to a world suspended in liquid. Magnificent Aquariums goal is to re-create this environment inside your home or business. We work hand in hand with decorators and architects to integrate not only the visual aspects of your custom design aquarium, but also minimize the impact the life-support system (filters, etc.) will have on your decor.

Once the aquarium is built, we help you select the specimens that will best suit your needs and that of your aquarium. We also offer maintenance service for a simple and hassle-free way to maintain your aquarium. Our service agents will perform all the basic maintenance to keep your aquarium in top shape.
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Magnificent Aquariums

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