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Few contemporary artists both epitomize and transcend their artistic command of an established genre David Chris Miller, is such an artist. A world class seascape artist, David Miller is a talent whose approach to this important subject matter is as elegant and fresh as the scenes he paints. His stunning and distinctive images are widely respected in contemporary art circles, and highly collected through his superior quality hand enhanced prints which reproduce his artwork with breathtaking accuracy.

In 2005 artist David Miller painted "Window to Paradise" the first in his window series. David Miller's window collection is a unique body of work depicting different views looking out an open window. His window pieces appear three dimensional when hung on a wall. Richly colored shutters appear to angle away from the window frame. Shadows give an illusion of light coming from inside the painting, masterfully drawing us into its center. The composition and complementary colors make a spectacular piece of art that will enhance any wall. His “Windows to Paradise” Collection sets him apart from all other artists with its uniqueness. His patented design of
hand-stretched canvas around his unique wooden stretchers are identical in contour and shape to the illustration itself, thus giving us an extraordinary realistic feel. David's Sea Life Art has also earned him international recognition. The detail and precision in his dolphins yet again sets him apart from other painters. Visit for originals, commissions, and limited editions. Maui Art, Inc. Florida. 941-748-0334.


Maui Art, Inc

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