Sarasota , FL


Pecky is dedicated to supplying eco friendly recovered wood products to architects, designers, and homeowners involved in conservation towards a green world. We also focus on quality and design specializing in high end solid slab tables, bar tops, kitchen islands, and headboards made from our Wide Cut Recovered River Cypress. These wide cuts are rare, as the pieces are only found in the dead center of raw, un-milled lumber that boast a substantial width. They provide a continuous grain pattern throughout the piece of furniture for a stunning visual effect. Every piece crafted is a one of a kind that enhances the beauty of the wood and is destined to become an heirloom.
Pecky's is an extraordinary resource for its beauty, unrivalled durability and its inherent history. Using this rediscovered wood helps preserve our forests by utilizing timber harvested hundreds of years ago while also providing higher quality products.



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